In which Rogue becomes…

So what up my knittaz?

I know it’s literally been…4 years since I updated. You all don’t want to know the drama I’ve gone through, suffice it to say two MAJOR things happened.

  1. My dad and I bought a coffee shop. Yes, that’s right, the congregating point of knitters everywhere. I own this thing, lock stock and barrel.
  2. I quit knitting and then POOF started again.

Also I got my own laptop and paid off a car and all that normal happy go lucky crap that no one cares about. I know you guys are just thinking WHERE THE HECK IS THE YARRRNNN stuff?!

Another major hugely huge thing happened.

See, back when I started this blog 9 years ago, I was known to the internet world as Rogue.

Nothing special, just that is who I cosplayed at comic cons for the longest time and had the bleached in hair streaks, so the world knew me as Rogue. I went by it everywhere. Heck, my Ravelry handle is still Rogue. That will never change.

As of recently, I have had a life change. A coming into myself of sorts. It only took me 28 years, right? Amiright? Okay no one else is laughing with me…

Anyway, so the big hugely huge ginormous news is that Rogue Knits (and all the patterns and everything else) will be relocating to my new Blog, Lotus & String.

That’s right, my new name of choice (which wasn’t my choice, but rather that of a friend of mine.) is Lotus. Mainly owing to the giant lotus tattoo that takes up most of the center of my back now.

It is also called “& String” which is a thought I had. I don’t just knit or crochet or spin or sew. I do all those things. Plus I am going to be going to school soon, as well as writing about whatever random and arbitrary things may pop into my head. Expect lots of pictures of coffee and books as well as knitted things and people I see regularly.

You will still be able to access the patterns via this page, and I will not be deleting any of my old content or posts. I will be linking the old pages to the new pages, for the patterns I want to keep up. Don’t panic, it will all be okay.

For those of you who still follow me after all these years, I want to thank you for supporting me. You all are amazing, and I am happy to have you along this ride with me. Thank you for putting up with my unexcused absences, and dealing with my weirdness.  I look very forward to seeing what all this new chapter in my life brings me.


Very sincerely yours –

Lotus (AKA Rogue)



All the Knitted things (and some cool stuff, too!)

Blahblahblah dialup internet blahblahblah. Are you tired of hearing me complain yet? I might try to update once a week from hereon out, but it means getting my shit together at the house first, then going to the library to upload everything. I really am starting to hate my computer, a little bit – did I mention it’s like.. 8 years old? I think sometimes I’ll try to open a website and it just laughs at me on principle.

So here’s what I’ve done since ‘You Devil’s release.

First, there was all this drama about some gloves.

(Which are knitted in Lang Yarn’s Jawoll Magic, which I don’t really recommend for socks, even though it *is* a sock yarn.)

Wherein I knitted the first glove, with full fingers. Alas, I knitted the fingers too short. So I crocheted some little bits in between the fingers so it would feel right, even if it didn’t look right, because I am *that* lazy. And then, I fast forwarded the yarn to the right spot to cast on, so that the gloves would math (because that yarn is self striping, and they were actually coming out nice, so I decided to make them match for once..) and let me tell you something.


I got so frustrated at this crap… just ask my sister how bad it was. We started talking about Lord of the Rings, just to get my mind off of it.


See? This is how bad my brain was.  Nonetheless, I kept knitting, then removed the tips from the other glove, and called them done.



Bam. Next?


I finished a pair of socks I’ve had on the needles since JANUARY.


(yarn is Knit One, Crochet Too Ty Dy socks.)

They are slightly too big, and that is the bad part about knitting Toe Up, I never get it right. However the yarn is CRAZY soft. Also, I remembered why I hate charted knitting so much.


Then, I took some pics of my thrummed mittens, just because I could, even though I finished them in Sept.



And I got pissed off because they aren’t as warm I had hoped. I’m toying with the idea of fulling them.


And then I knitted myself a new hat.

pinkhat pinkhat2(Yarn is Frog Tree Merino Wool, Pattern is Vrida.)


And um. That;s about it.


In other news, I’m currently almost a teacher for JoAnnes, which means I’ll get to teach people knitting along with other crafts. Also, I have exactly one week to finish a HogsWatch gift for my friend Bambi, and also I may be teaching Tahkli Spinning at a fiber festival next April.


And my awesome sister sent me a Tahkli Spindle for Hanukkah, and here it is:

fiberfestspinpicThat Neon Green whorl actually has the BioHazard symbol on it. And the stuff I’m spinning is 100% alpaca, and it’s not even processed. 🙂


I think I should update more often, so I can tell more about whats going on, and less about the things I have made.




New Pattern?

Oh yes, there IS a new pattern! Yay for you Rogue-Knits junkies! All 3 of you!


This little beauty is called ‘You Devil!’. It’s knitted in a double-stranded, worsted weight yarn, but knitted only only a size 9 (US sizing) needle – so it’s really warm for the upcoming winter.  The pattern is based off my previous one, Dystopia.

Click this lovely little button here:

To buy it now! It only costs $1, and all proceeds go to paying my bills and keeping my electricity running.


Everything old is New again?

Except in thtis case, where everything is just new. Like my sparkly new backround. And the fact that my pattern ‘Dystopia’ (which you can purchase by clicking the button on the sidebar) is now for sale for ONLY $1!


Yeahp. That’s all I got for now. So there ya go. 🙂


So, this one time, at band camp…



I finished a damn hat.




Then, I finished a pair of cabled socks, that, by the time I was done with them, had invaded my sleep.



Then, I did some spinning. This is some beautiful alpaca that I’m in love with.


Then, the new year happened. So I knitted another sock and a half, before screwing up the chart so thoroughly I had to rip out the second sock and try it again…



And then, I distracted myself from my sock problems by knitting a shawl. A beautiful, fantastic lace shawl.


Then, I knit the first of a pair of socks, worried about running out of yarn on the second sock, got drunk, and listened to music from my best friend’s band (the link to their website is over there ont he sidebar, btw, click it when your done here.)



Then, with alot of praying, I finished those socks.


And most recently, I started in on a sweater…



And then, I lost my internet and was forced to use the library, which means that I can actually update now.


Also, I’m working on a new sock pattern. Look for it soon!


Keep yer fairies! (PG13 WARNING)

Have you ever had one of those runs where you just…can’t make what you want to make?

Yeah, I had one of those recently.

It’s no big secret that every year, I knit daddy (who is my enabler) a new hat. He usually wears them thin, or loses them, or they get gasoline on them, or damnit, maybe I just to want to knit him a new one! You might remember them from years past – there was the green basketweave one (red heart), the blue cabled one (Bernat chunky), the Niagara falls cabled one (wool ease), and last year was the “tree rings” one (wool ease).

Well, each year I’ve used slightly better yarn, according to what I had in stash at the time. This year, I had three lovely skeins of Frog Tree Alpaca Worsted, in chocolate brown. It’s 100% alpaca, spun in singles, with a slight halo around it. Daddy found a whole bunch (read as: 14 skeins of various colors) of this, along with a whole bunch of Frog Tree Merino at goodwill, for $1/skein.

So, the three skeins of chocolate brown were calling to me, and I had a reasonable conversation with myself. It went something along the lines of; “Hey, Daddy loves you and buys you all this wonderful yarn. You have lots of wool things, and he’s had wool gloves, but never a nice animal fiber hat. Use the chocolate alpaca, since you don’t know what to do with it anyway, and make him a hat.”

So, I went through my large binder of printed off Internet patterns, and there it was. The Caramel Cabled Hat. Now, you all know that I LOVE cables, in their many forms, and this was worsted knitted on size 4s. Alpaca worsted, knitted on size 4s. If anything should be able to tolerate the cold winter that is on it’s way, it should be WORSTED ALPACA KNITTED ON SIZE 4 NEEDLES. That shit should be damn near bulletproof, amiright? Daddy should be able to survive being shot in the ear with ice bullets with something like that.

“Perfect!” said my brain, and off I went to find my needles.

So, one late night, after daddy had gone to bed, I made myself some coffee, put The Devils Rejects in the dvd player (because, apparently, the bloodier and gorier the movie, the better I knit.), and cast on. And that’s when I noticed something was kind of wrong.

“Cast on 126 sts.” One hundred and twenty six stitches. Who the hell knits a hat on 126 stitches?!

But, being the faithful pattern follower (please hold your laughter) that I am, I cast on the 126 stitches, and knitted the first 10 rounds of the pattern. Then I looked at the big ass loop of ribbing, and noticed that it looked a little..big. I checked my gauge. It was too big by 2 stitches to the inch. No big deal, I say, rip it out, start over. Grab a size 3 needle, cast on, and try again. Now it’s looking too small. Okay, now the knitting fates are just fucking with me. I try decreasing the amount of stitches, using smaller needles, using larger needles, for a total of SIX CAST ONS.

At this point, daddy has figured out that I’m trying to knit him a hat, and has refused to by me any more yarn ‘till I get it knitted. At this point, I said fuck it, this pattern is OBVIOUSLY flawed.

At this point, I returned to work on a sock that had already been established, just to remind myself that I am good at this, and I DO enjoy it. I also might have hit the whiskey pretty hard, too.

Then, last night, I said I was going to try it one more time, with NO pattern. Grabbed the size 4 needles (because I like the idea of bulletproof knitwear), cast on 100 stitches, knit in ribbing… And VOILA.


I do enjoy this, and I am good at it. This is my mantra now. Also, FUCK YOU, KNITTING FATES. I AM MASTER OF MY OWN KNITWEAR, BITCHES. 

Also, who wants the pattern when I’m done?

Fall Is…(pictureless)

It is fall. That much is clear. Today, I’d like to share with you what fall ‘is’, to this knitter.
I will also be doing this without photos, because my camera is currently being a stupid stupid head, and I need to treat it with the utmost of care.

Scientifically speaking, fall is created by the earth as it spins in endless rotations around the sun, and because we move in an oblong shaped orbit, we are heading towards the farthest point of the orbit for the year.

However, for knitters, crocheters, and various other types of crafters, fall is the time of opportunity.

To start with, fall is sweater weather. Now, I have not knitted myself a sweater in a couple of years, and I don’t know that I’m about to now – mostly because my love of hats, mittens, socks, and other small things keeps me pretty busy. But sweater weather it is, none the less, and I enjoy wearing them. Especially when said sweater is the perfect cherry red color, 100% cashmere, and you only paid $2 for at a half off sale at a thrift store.

Fall is fireplace weather, too. Now, I don’t have an actual ‘fireplace’, but I have a woodstove. And it’s a tiny woodstove, it doesn’t get incredibly hot – but hot enough to keep our one room underground cabin very nice and toasty warm. There’s nothing I love better than sitting in my glider rocker, in front of the woodstove.

Fall is hot coffee on the woodstove. We don’t have a drip coffee maker, we have one of the old fashioned blue speckle percolators, typically used for camping. True, this means you can’t swallow the dregs at the bottom of the cup, but it does have a very backwoods homey feeling to it.

It’s wool socks worn for hiking on leaf filled trails. And wool hats, pulled snugly over ears while trying to make coffee over a camp stove in the pre-dawn early morning.

It’s apple and pumpkin everything with heaping amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg and whipped cream.

It’s Halloween, horror movies, popcorn, and massive heart attack inducing amounts of candy.

The smell of sunshine on fallen oak and maple leaves.

The color of the Sassafras leaves turning before anything else, followed by the oaks, maples, aspens, and finally the greening out of the holly tree in preparation for winter.

Mostly though, it’s knitting in my glider rocker while wearing wool socks and sipping coffee, next to a nice warm fire, watching a movie or TV show with my family while the outside temperature dips from ‘sweater worthy’ to ‘it’s time to drag out the arctic military parka’.

Happy Fall!