It seems that after a few false starts, we are now in spring!


This means my annuals pilgrimage through my work basket to see what I am actually going to finish and what I’m going to frog. Luckily I’ve been fairly sporadic with my knitting, so I only had to frog one project, and I have 5 in the basket.

First, this cute shawl in a sparkly sock yarn that my friend Ivy gave me.

It’s been on the needles for a long time. Like..8 months. At least.

Then this sweater. This is the back of it.

I love the waffle stitch pattern. I think I’m gonna add big pockets to the front, too.

Then these socks, which I think have literally been in progress for 4 years. No joke.

Next, a hat that reminds me why I hate charted cables..

And last this scarf which I feel like probably will be frogged, because I’m not gonna have enough yarn.


So you know how sometimes you buy potatoes and garlic, and they get put away, then you forget abt them for 3 months, and then you find them while spring cleaning and you plant them?


Also we have baby tomatoes, scallions, and other salsa making stuff!

I’m hoping that my enjoyment and excitement for the season will carry me through summer so I can actually enter stuff in the fair again!



Ode to the Antimacassar

I have always held a fascination with vintage-ey things. I think the mixture of usefulness and form together is what catches me – especially when it comes to home goods such as linens and aprons and tablecloths.

But antimacassars have always eluded me as to why they are no longer made. A quick look at my husband’s office chair tells me that they must have serbed a purpose.

For those of you who don’t know, an antimacassar is a lacey peice of cloth draped over the arms and back of a chair to protect it from dirt, hair oil or grease, and sweat. With the rise of people using chairs as favorite napping spots, I am confused as to why we don’t use them anymore as they can be so practical.

Maybe its the time taken to make them, as they are usually pretty lacey affairs made of crochet thread. However the fact that they are made of cotton thrills me, especially as our chairs tend to get dirty at the arma and back pretty quickly – a product of being around mechanics all day.

A little digging online found some good patterns that I really liked. First there is this pretty plain one from Freepatterns:

Available here.

And then literally all of these (plus more!)

Which can be found at one of my very favorite websites, Free Vintage Crochet.

I haven’t made any yet, but I plan on picking up some crochet thread on my next trip to the crafts department, and making a set. Maybe for a fair entry?



Wife Life

There is a TRIGGER WARNING on this post, guys. If you have PTSD or anxiety due to abusive situations, read on carefully. You have been warned.





Well, it has been SEVERAL years since I last activated and actually used this blog. I tried to reactivate it last year, but life got int he way really fast and well….the last year has been a huge change for me.

As a backstory, I want to tell you a little bit about what happened and why everything went dark here for so long.

See this pic?


This smirky ‘I know something you don’t’, happy little pic? Where I am skinny and needed no makeup because I had perfect skin and great hair?

This was taken during the week that I suffered the most physical and psychological abuse I would ever experience at the hands of my abuser. While he never hit me hard enough to leave lasting marks, it was there, the mental and sexual abuse made up for it.  For the sake of not triggering my readers, I will suffice it to say that this picture signifies everything that was wrong with me, and the lasting damage in my mind all hides behind this picture, in my head.


So why the radio silence? 

It’s simple: According to my abuser, ‘the internet was more important than I am.’ And from there, I was manipulated into stopping everything I enjoyed. This included studying (although I was not in school, I still studied.), knitting, crochet, reading, everything. My life became work, and nothing but work.  I would get up, go to work with my abuser, spend the whole day with him, come home, and be with him. I suffered severe depression that lead to my self harming, and I joined a gym just to get an hours peace from him 3 times a week. I never got a moment’s privacy or peace except for the gym, until last spring.


To sum it up, I met a wonderful dork, He helped me leave my situation behind, and then last month I married that dork.


(Also I put on like 45 lbs, don’t judge. Running is hard and cake is good. Also, Knitting doesn’t count as cardio. )

However, I found something else too. I found that I had drive, energy, and enjoyment of things that I had given up long ago. Knitting gradually crept it’s way back in, as did Crochet. Then, cooking and sewing. Cleaning came last, and I found I genuinely enjoy the act of keeping a house tidy. Everything that had gone by the wayside in order to simply exist and not get yelled at or hurt magically came flooding back in fits and starts.

First, it was a little cowl. Nothing special, just some single and double crochet, made into a strip, and sewn up. It was even acrylic yarn.

Then, I jumped to a small blanket for my step daughter. After that came toys and hats and I’m slowly chugging my way through a sweater.



I can never get back what was lost to me. Time and abuse and every day life have taken certain things away that I will never experience, and that I can never experience again. I have lost the ability to have my own children, and the scars of my teenage and young adult life continue to influence me in what is often the wrong direction.

I am in therapy, once a week, to help heal the wounds that were inflicted on me. I still suffer flashbacks a few times a month, but it is nowhere near as bad as it was. Most of my days are now the normal humdrum of life, which is something I never experienced before. It is doctors appointments, picking up toys, work, cooking meals, ordering out because I am too tired to cook, taking time for myself, and not being yelled at for forgetting to pack something in someone’s lunch, or for leaving a tool at home that would be needed later.  That last one is important.

I truly look forward to writing here again, to showing off my crafting and cooking skills, as well as photos of the family, the cat, the dog, and other random things that I think you might find interesting.

It’s good to be human for once, and I am enjoying the wife life.






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All the Knitted things (and some cool stuff, too!)

Blahblahblah dialup internet blahblahblah. Are you tired of hearing me complain yet? I might try to update once a week from hereon out, but it means getting my shit together at the house first, then going to the library to upload everything. I really am starting to hate my computer, a little bit – did I mention it’s like.. 8 years old? I think sometimes I’ll try to open a website and it just laughs at me on principle.

So here’s what I’ve done since ‘You Devil’s release.

First, there was all this drama about some gloves.

(Which are knitted in Lang Yarn’s Jawoll Magic, which I don’t really recommend for socks, even though it *is* a sock yarn.)

Wherein I knitted the first glove, with full fingers. Alas, I knitted the fingers too short. So I crocheted some little bits in between the fingers so it would feel right, even if it didn’t look right, because I am *that* lazy. And then, I fast forwarded the yarn to the right spot to cast on, so that the gloves would math (because that yarn is self striping, and they were actually coming out nice, so I decided to make them match for once..) and let me tell you something.


I got so frustrated at this crap… just ask my sister how bad it was. We started talking about Lord of the Rings, just to get my mind off of it.


See? This is how bad my brain was.  Nonetheless, I kept knitting, then removed the tips from the other glove, and called them done.



Bam. Next?


I finished a pair of socks I’ve had on the needles since JANUARY.


(yarn is Knit One, Crochet Too Ty Dy socks.)

They are slightly too big, and that is the bad part about knitting Toe Up, I never get it right. However the yarn is CRAZY soft. Also, I remembered why I hate charted knitting so much.


Then, I took some pics of my thrummed mittens, just because I could, even though I finished them in Sept.



And I got pissed off because they aren’t as warm I had hoped. I’m toying with the idea of fulling them.


And then I knitted myself a new hat.

pinkhat pinkhat2(Yarn is Frog Tree Merino Wool, Pattern is Vrida.)


And um. That;s about it.


In other news, I’m currently almost a teacher for JoAnnes, which means I’ll get to teach people knitting along with other crafts. Also, I have exactly one week to finish a HogsWatch gift for my friend Bambi, and also I may be teaching Tahkli Spinning at a fiber festival next April.


And my awesome sister sent me a Tahkli Spindle for Hanukkah, and here it is:

fiberfestspinpicThat Neon Green whorl actually has the BioHazard symbol on it. And the stuff I’m spinning is 100% alpaca, and it’s not even processed. 🙂


I think I should update more often, so I can tell more about whats going on, and less about the things I have made.




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New Pattern?

Oh yes, there IS a new pattern! Yay for you Rogue-Knits junkies! All 3 of you!


This little beauty is called ‘You Devil!’. It’s knitted in a double-stranded, worsted weight yarn, but knitted only only a size 9 (US sizing) needle – so it’s really warm for the upcoming winter.  The pattern is based off my previous one, Dystopia.

Click this lovely little button here:

To buy it now! It only costs $1, and all proceeds go to paying my bills and keeping my electricity running.


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Everything old is New again?

Except in thtis case, where everything is just new. Like my sparkly new backround. And the fact that my pattern ‘Dystopia’ (which you can purchase by clicking the button on the sidebar) is now for sale for ONLY $1!


Yeahp. That’s all I got for now. So there ya go. 🙂


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So, this one time, at band camp…



I finished a damn hat.




Then, I finished a pair of cabled socks, that, by the time I was done with them, had invaded my sleep.



Then, I did some spinning. This is some beautiful alpaca that I’m in love with.


Then, the new year happened. So I knitted another sock and a half, before screwing up the chart so thoroughly I had to rip out the second sock and try it again…



And then, I distracted myself from my sock problems by knitting a shawl. A beautiful, fantastic lace shawl.


Then, I knit the first of a pair of socks, worried about running out of yarn on the second sock, got drunk, and listened to music from my best friend’s band (the link to their website is over there ont he sidebar, btw, click it when your done here.)



Then, with alot of praying, I finished those socks.


And most recently, I started in on a sweater…



And then, I lost my internet and was forced to use the library, which means that I can actually update now.


Also, I’m working on a new sock pattern. Look for it soon!