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Yup. It’s a knitted tie. Kickass, right? And yes, it really is that vibrant of a blue.


I know it’s been like…a month, since I last updated. I woke up oneday and said “HOLY CRAPNUGGETS ITS LIKE 2 MONTHS UNTIL THE FAIR.”

So I’ve been doing everything EXCEPT stuff for the fair.

My sister is having a bebeh in the fall. So I’ve been working on stuff for that thing.

A crocheted bebeh blanket. I have 5 more rounds in the light teal, and then 1 round in offwhite, and it’s done. Yes, it’s shaped like a star.

Monstar Bebeh Booties. Nuff said.

I’ve also been making items to sell in my artfire shop. Yus! I have an artfire! Stuff like:

A tatted “Pansy” necklace.

A tatted “Clover” bracelet.

A pair of tatted Earrings.

A recycled pair of pants into a cocktail apron.


Yeah. No one has bought anything yet. BUY STUFF FROM ME, PEOPLE.


I’ve also been stashbusting. See? I used up A BALL of some caron SS in iris, that I had lying around the shrine.

It looks like ass right now, but I promise, it’s a shrug. I swear!


And also, making slow progress on THE SOCKS.

I’m not going to tell you that I knitted 2 chart repeats and started on the toe, completely finished the toe, and was working the sole, before I realised that I was supposed to do THREE pattern repeats.

Nope, not telling you about THAT part.

So…that didn’t take up that much time. Wanna know the rest of what’s been going on?


Yup. We now have 2 ducks, and 5 chickens. The one that you see above is our “pet” rooster.


‘Till next time.