In which Rogue becomes…

So what up my knittaz?

I know it’s literally been…4 years since I updated. You all don’t want to know the drama I’ve gone through, suffice it to say two MAJOR things happened.

  1. My dad and I bought a coffee shop. Yes, that’s right, the congregating point of knitters everywhere. I own this thing, lock stock and barrel.
  2. I quit knitting and then POOF started again.

Also I got my own laptop and paid off a car and all that normal happy go lucky crap that no one cares about. I know you guys are just thinking WHERE THE HECK IS THE YARRRNNN stuff?!

Another major hugely huge thing happened.

See, back when I started this blog 9 years ago, I was known to the internet world as Rogue.

Nothing special, just that is who I cosplayed at comic cons for the longest time and had the bleached in hair streaks, so the world knew me as Rogue. I went by it everywhere. Heck, my Ravelry handle is still Rogue. That will never change.

As of recently, I have had a life change. A coming into myself of sorts. It only took me 28 years, right? Amiright? Okay no one else is laughing with me…

Anyway, so the big hugely huge ginormous news is that Rogue Knits (and all the patterns and everything else) will be relocating to my new Blog, Lotus & String.

That’s right, my new name of choice (which wasn’t my choice, but rather that of a friend of mine.) is Lotus. Mainly owing to the giant lotus tattoo that takes up most of the center of my back now.

It is also called “& String” which is a thought I had. I don’t just knit or crochet or spin or sew. I do all those things. Plus I am going to be going to school soon, as well as writing about whatever random and arbitrary things may pop into my head. Expect lots of pictures of coffee and books as well as knitted things and people I see regularly.

You will still be able to access the patterns via this page, and I will not be deleting any of my old content or posts. I will be linking the old pages to the new pages, for the patterns I want to keep up. Don’t panic, it will all be okay.

For those of you who still follow me after all these years, I want to thank you for supporting me. You all are amazing, and I am happy to have you along this ride with me. Thank you for putting up with my unexcused absences, and dealing with my weirdness.  I look very forward to seeing what all this new chapter in my life brings me.


Very sincerely yours –

Lotus (AKA Rogue)



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