Wishbone Cabled Scarf

(This pattern is copyright to Me, which means that it is mine. As such, it is available for personal use, gifting, and charity work, or as a jumping off point for other paterns. If you do use this, please remember to credit me.)

After making the Yarn Vomit scarf and the Snow Princess hat, which use the EXACT same cable pattern, I was yearning for something different, and Green.

So I had bought this skein of green red heart (because it’s not all THAT bad.), and I was flipping through my favorite stitch pattern book (The new Knitting Diction by Rhoda Ochser Goldberg), and my dad had seen this cable pattern and picked it out.

Since it’s the holidays, we had been told to bring one gift, and keep it less than 10 dollars. The skein of yarn was $2.50, and my time was free.

So here is a simple cable project, just barely harder than yarn vomit, and easily stuffed inside a purse or weekend knitting bag. It’s also easily memorized, so you can count on this for travelling as well.


EDIT: Thank you, P, for correcting my error. The change has been made to line 2.  

300-500 yards Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Red Heart)
Size 8 needles
Cable Needle in a size close to your knitting needle size. (I cable without a needle, personally)

What gauge? It’s a scarf!

C4B – slip next 2 sts to Cable Needle, hold in back, knit 2, knit 2 from cable needle.
C4F – slip next 2 sts to cable needle, hold in front, knit 2, knit 2 from cable needle.

Cast on 47 sts. I ALWAYS use a knitted cast on, but you can use whatever you like.
Knit 1 row.
Work pattern as follows –
1) * P3, K8 * Rep from * to *, until 3 sts remain. P3.
2) * K3, P8 * Rep from * to *, until 3 sts remain. K3
3) Same as 1.
4) Same as 2.
5) P3, C4B, C4F, P3, (C4F, C4B, P3) twice, C4B, C4F, P3.
6) Same as 2.

Repeat these six rows as many times as desired for length of scarf.
To finish:
Knit 1 row.
Bind off knit wise.


14 responses to “Wishbone Cabled Scarf

  1. If you do it in reversible cables (instead of knitting the cable stitches, do k1p1 ribbing), you get a very cool reverse! I’d send a picture, but my scarf is at home.

  2. This is my first attempt at cables. This is a fun pattern on which to learn. Thank you. PS-I did change the last 3 staches on line to 3 knits instead of purls.

  3. ACK! Perhaps a bit of proofreading wouldn’t be out of line. I changed the last stitches on line 2 to 3 knits. There, that’s better.

  4. I havent tried this scarf pattern yet but i think i will. Thank you for the fun and comical way you present your patterns as well as keeping down the abbreviations. I can barely read the patterns in knitting books because of the two page long abbreviations. Ok I think Im going to get started on this scarf!!!!

  5. Great pattern! I started one a couple of days ago and it’s coming out very well. I think it’s a good pattern to begin learning cables.

  6. I stumbled on to this site today and am interestedin seeing what other patterns you have to offer. I am new to knitting and am going to try some of these patterns. I am learning to cable and will try this beautiful scarf in this beautiful green color.

    • If you will read the pattern in it’s entirety, it explains what row 5 means. It’s written in knitting shorthand, which is explained above the pattern. The part in brackets is meant to be repeated twice.

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