Yarn Vomit Scarf

(Note: This pattern is copyright to me, and as such it means that it is available for personal use, gifting, and charity. You may also use it as a jumping off point for other patterns, if you like, but be sure to credit me.)

I did up this pattern after knitting the Super Bulky Cabled Hat, and I stole the cable pattern becuase I liked it. So really, the credit should go to someone besides me. But I did the math on it, and I’m providing the semi warm and super warm knit versions of this. So HA! Take that mr. Copyright man!

Dont sue me. Please. I’m just posting this on my blog. Its not like I’m making money off it.

This is the Super Warm scarf, with the twisted stitches, as modeled by the recipient, Lea.

Semi Warm Yarn Vomit Scarf (non twisted stitches).

approx. 400-500 yrds of worsted weight yarn. More or less depending on your preferred length.
Size 8 needles (straights, or circs if you swing that way, baby.)
Darning Needle.

Note: You can use ANY Yarn and ANY needles. I think this would look good in bulky (or super bulky) or larger needles. If going up to bulky weight yarns, try using a size smaller than reccomended, while worsted and lighter should use same size or smaller (eG – For fingering weight, use a size 1 or 2, for DK/Sport, try a size 5. For Worsted use a size 8, For bulky, use a size 9. For super bulky,go with a 10 or 11.)

Double Note: You can use stitch markers to keep your place in the cable pattern, but i personally don’t. This is relatively easy to remember, and it a great project for learning to cable without a needle. Google “Cabling without a needle” and youll find all sorts of tutorials.

To work the C4B:
slip 2 sts to Cable Needle, hold in back of work. Knit 2, knit 2 from Cable needle.

Stitch Pattern:

1) P1, * p1, k2, p4, k2 * Repeat from * to *, until 2 sts remain. P2
2) K1, * k1, p2, k4, p2 * Repeat from * to * until 2 Sts remain, K2
3) Repeat row 1
4) K1, * k1, p2, C4B* Repeat from * to * until 2 Sts remain, K2

C/O 30 sts

Knit 4 rows in Garter stitch (feel free to play with these four rows. Knit it in seed stitch, moss stitch, whatever.)

Next Row: K1, * K1, P2, K4, P2 * Repeat from * to * until 2 sts remain. K2.

Work stitch pattern from here onward, until it’s your desired length.

To Finish:

End on Row 4. Knit 4 rows of whatever your beginning pattern was. Bind off knitwise. Weave ni ends and present to the person you knitted it for. Even if it’s yourself.

SuperWarm (ain’t no cold air getting through THAT!) version.

Knit as above, but TWIST all purl stitches. Meaning Knit them through the back loop. To do this, Bring the working needle up under the back loop and through to the front, coming over the top of the front loop. This will create a twisted purl stitch, and a herringbone like stockinette.


6 responses to “Yarn Vomit Scarf

    • If you would read the history behind the scarf at the top of the page, you would know why it is called the yarn vomit scarf.
      Yarn Vomit is what happens when your ball or yarn gets either tangled, or explodes form the center pull and you get a large semi tangley knot. The original yarn I knitted this scarf with was a HUGE tangley mess I got from the goodwill.

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